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JJ Waterproofing is the name you can trust for all your waterproofing requirements. With over 5 years’ experience in the waterproofing and tiling industry we understand that every waterproofing project is different. We make use of premium quality materials to waterproof your building. Our technicians are passionate and professional in their approach to waterproofing and complete every project as if it was their own.

With a wealth of knowledge about products and application processes at our disposal, we are committed to completing all projects to the highest standards, on time and on budget. We use our construction knowledge & experience to prevent water ingress & implement water prevention techniques. Whether it’s a large commercial project or a residential retaining wall, every waterproofing project is different and we ensure that our clients receive the best solution with complete professional application.

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More about Waterproofing Services

JJ Waterproofing services are one of the most reliable waterproof services in the country. Our number of clients speaks it all. Our waterproofing services is reliable, cost-effective and versatile. Our team of experts will help you setup the best waterproofing to prevent your home for a long term. Contact us today to know more. 

About JJ Waterproofing Services

Waterproofing simply means making something water-resistant. In the context of your home, especially your roof, your balcony, your kitchen, and your bathroom, waterproofing means making the structural components of your house resistant to water or humidity. When the walls of the house come in contact with water, the walls of the house become damp and compromise the integrity of the structure itself. This can lead to severe consequences like weakening of the building and even rotting. Dampening of the walls leading to damage or rotting can be visually unpleasant, awfully stinky, and could even crumble the building structure. Waterproofing essentially prevents such complications. 

Waterproofing Benefits

Dampening of walls basically is ‘house cancer’. It affects. And it spreads. When you waterproof spaces in your house, you are armouring your floors and walls with unpenetrable defence in the form of water-insoluble substances that will always keep the moisture away from the core building component of your house. Spaces like Kitchen, and even more so your Bathroom, are places where water always runs. Having these spaces well-waterproofed will mean freedom for you to use water any way you want and not worry about spillage or dampening of your walls.

Why JJ Waterproofing Services?

Why JJ Waterproofing Services? Well… with over 5 years of experience in the business, constantly making its clients happy, handling the job expertly from start to finish, and making sure that we provide a sustainable solution to all the building dampening problems, why not? We waterproof your building using good materials while implementing our experiential techniques that have been proven effective. At JJ Waterproofing Services, you will find friendly professionals who will understand your needs and offer a durable solution to any problems related to water ingress. We do provide finesse with the end result. However, the process of how we conduct ourselves as we are providing you with our services will be a positive experience for you. And the affordable prices we offer – that’s a cherry on top.

Our teams of highly accredited and experienced tilers will deliver artisan workmanship, on time and for the right price.


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We have the experience to make your project run smoothly.

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Our experts are highly qualified and trained to use the latest tools to get your project completed.

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They did a fantastic job, turned up on time, quoted reasonably, acted professionally.
Cranebrook, NSW
JJ Tiling were very accommodating to fit into my time deadline. They made every effort to get the job done quickly for me without compromising on a quality job. I would recommend them.
Bayview, NSW
Jawid was very professional and produced a fantastic tiling job. I would absolutely recommend him to others.
David M
Kings Langley, NSW

How We Can Help You

How We Can Help You


Sometime you can’t fix those odd jobs around the
house with a trip to the hardware store. See how can we help you.


Nothing is more frustrating than cooking in a badly designed or outdated kitchen. We can help make its a space you love to be in.


Feel great getting ready in a bathroom which has been customised just for you. See what we can do.


You should love the outside of your home. Just as much as you love the inside. See how can we help you.