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Top 10 Kitchen Renovation Hacks

Top 10 Kitchen Renovation Hacks

Top 10 Kitchen Renovations Hacks

In this blog, we are talking about 10 easy steps to make your old kitchenware feel new. This is why we love calling it Top 10 Kitchen Renovation Hacks.

The kitchen is the place where we mostly do gatherings and make the fondest memories in our life. But if that sort of kitchen is a total mess, then you really don’t want to cherish those moments. The more you use the kitchen, the more it degrades. If you ignore the initial steps of sprucing your kitchen after cooking, then your kitchen lifespan continuously shortens and you will be left with no choice rather than spending thousands of dollars. 

But hold on, this article is not about making you realize your mistakes and give a mental breakdown. Of course not! Since JJ Kitchen and Bathroom is the best kitchen renovation in Brisbane, have come up with a brilliant idea of renovating your kitchen and giving the best bang for your buck.

Here are the top 10 kitchen renovation hacks and tips studied thoroughly and discussed by JJ Kitchen and Bathroom:


1.Re-purpose your bar stools: Starting with this beautiful array on this top 10 kitchen renovation hacks

Top 10 Kitchen Renovation Hacks

Make your often seated bar stools heavenly stuff to rest. Barstool can be made more comfortable by adding a soft cushion at its top. You can ultimately give a makeup-finishing touch by adding chalk paint of your own choice.

2.Replace your old hardware:

Top 10 Kitchen Renovation Hacks

If you have doable money to be spent on, then grab your backpack, and let’s go shopping. Replace your old pulls, sink faucets with durable new ones. We won’t stop you to buy those astonishing pendant lights if you wish.

3.Remodel your floor: A secret yet simple kitchen renovation tips

Top 10 Kitchen Renovation Hacks

Flooring is lil’ expensive but you know, expenses come up with big prizes. The foundation is the core for your overall design management. So better don’t sleep on that! Old lino, laminate, and hardwood planks are lighter and convenient to be replaced with new stronger ones. Tiles can be added too which ensures 60+ years of durability.

4.Splurge on appliances: One of the top modern kitchen renovation ideas

Top 10 Kitchen Renovation Hacks

A new cooktop, refrigerator, oven, and so on can really change the looks of your kitchen. These appliances top up the most used kitchenware appliances chart since they are often used in your day-to-day life. The corrosion and degradation of them are inevitable. So, better financially prepare yourself for the worst.

Before we move on to some other remainders of top 10 kitchen renovation hacks, we just want to give you a heads up. And it is very simple. Just remember that these list of top 10 kitchen renovation hacks are prepared by our experts who have been in this industry since a long time and they want you to move on with the best.

5.Install a new splashback:

Top 10 Kitchen Renovation Hacks

Splashback, known to be the cheapest option among the top 10 kitchen renovation ideas available there, is also the quickest remodel job of any plumbing professionals. Adding new splashback has a long history of adding rendition of your space. You can choose splashback of plain and/or various patterns, colors, and shapes,

6.Finish your wall:

Top 10 Kitchen Renovation Hacks

If you are wondering what’s the purpose of finishing the decoration of the wall since most part of the wall is covered by cabinets and splashbacks. This is one of the best preferred layout on top 10 kitchen renovation hacks. Then, you are really missing the basic impression factor. If your guests ever witness your kitchen wall with distracting areolas-like patterns, then there goes your chance of impressing them. For the solution, cover those visible patterns with fresh wall paint or wallpapers. Pink and blush tones are bang on-trend.

7.Colour your kitchen cabinets:

Top 10 Kitchen Renovation Hacks

Kitchen cabinets need to color in order to cover any damage sustained over the years, and also to refresh the dated finish.

8.Update your kitchen sink:

Top 10 Kitchen Renovation Hacks

Kitchen sink maintenance is also your top priority. If not maintained in the proper way can lead to foul pungent smell surfacing all over your kitchen space. Penultimately, updating your kitchen sink (overmount, undermount) is the best choice among other kitchen renovation ideas.

9.Display shelves:

Top 10 Kitchen Renovation Hacks

A floating shelf above the cooktop for supporting some objects or a shelf on the countertop for the plants you like, can really brighten up your day and draw away from less pleasant sights like dirty dishes.

10.Manage countertops: Ending with this sleek and beautiful layout on this top 10 kitchen renovation hacks

Top 10 Kitchen Renovation Hacks

Countertops are the ones that hold most of the kitchen appliances and are key elements of the design. A proper material of which countertop is made of is the reason behind the pressure it withstands. So choose wisely for that. The countertops made of quartz, quartzite, and granite, are the best investment for the future due to their durability. This completes our list of top 10 kitchen renovation hacks. 

We hope that you thoroughly enjoyed these top 10 kitchen renovation hacks.

These kitchen renovation hacks and benefits would definitely make you think of renovating and giving a new look to your kitchen. If you are looking for the best bathroom and kitchen renovation in Brisbane, JJ bathroom & Kitchen renovations would precisely be the ideal place to visit. We offer you the best range of kitchen renovation services at a very reasonable price. You can get in contact with us throuh this form or visit us directly at our office. We are located close to 27 Anthony street. Hope this top 10 kitchen renovation hacks has helped you get a clear idea about Kitchen renovation.

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