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new kitchen renovation cost

New Kitchen Renovation Cost

New Kitchen Renovation Cost


What will be the modern and new kitchen renovation cost? How much do you need to invest? Well, with the new lockdown rules implemented, most of us have been spending our time in our kitchen rather than some other fancy restaurants. We all want to get out and get some fine dining experience but the sad truth is we don’t have an exact date for things to get normal. 


Well you can’t get out but you can renovate your existing kitchen and create a better experience at your own home. Renovating your kitchen can give you a better experience and could even help to unleash the chef within you. 


Kitchen renovation could be an expensive project to undertake. It’s always better to have a clear idea of the renovation before starting the project. There are different renovating companies that offer kitchen renovating services. JJ kitchen renovations offer reasonable new kitchen renovation cost


The new kitchen renovation cost could vary depending on the types of renovation selected. The types of the kitchen could further be broken down into high end and low end. Even though the low end kitchen could suffice all your needs the high end kitchen would give you an elegant look to your home. 


High end kitchen renovation cost would definitely be higher than the other one as it includes more appealing kitchen cabinet doors, kitchen appliances, and kitchen floors. Now you all would probably be thinking how much would a new kitchen renovation cost? Well, there are different types of renovation. Let’s get into the different types of renovations. 


Types of Kitchen Renovation: 


Cosmetic Kitchen Renovation


The cost associated with cosmetic kitchen renovation is significantly low. This renovation generally includes adding certain modern functionality to your old kitchen. If you are low on your budget but still want to change the look of your kitchen, this would be the best renovation option for you. The services included in this kitchen renovation are painting the walls, updating hardware, replacing benchtops, and some basic kitchen cabinetry. 


Kitchen Remodel


This renovation is expensive compared to cosmetic kitchen renovation as it includes the whole redesigning of your kitchen. It gives you the flexibility to completely customize your existing kitchen to give it a better look where you would want to spend more time cooking and have quality time with your family at the dinners. Kitchen remodel could also be specified as high end kitchen renovation and its services include adding new benchtops and new kitchen cabinets. Besides these, it includes other home improvement materials such as digital appliances to give a better feel in the kitchen. The high end renovation cost could be expensive but the look and feel it adds to your home is priceless.


In addition to these changes you may also want to consider whether enhancing functionality will help make your kitchen work better for you – this could mean renovating it so there are adequate storage solutions available which means installing pullouts in corner base cabinets, drawers wherever possible to maximize storage and much easier access to everyday items such as plates, pots and pans, crockery, etc.


Cost Breakdown for Kitchen Renovation – New Kitchen Renovation Cost


The new kitchen renovation cost depends on the scope of the project you select. High end kitchen renovation cost is expensive compared to simple cosmetic renovation. Whichever project you choose, it will definitely give you a better feeling about your kitchen. 


Cost of Kitchen Appliances

It is always a better idea to change the appliances when you renovate your kitchen. New kitchen appliances will not only make your cooking easier but would also add great looks to your kitchen. There are different types of appliances you could choose from depending on your budget and needs. 


Cost of Kitchen Cabinets 

The average price range of a kitchen cabinet is anywhere around from $15000 – $60000. The prices of kitchen cabinets widely depend on the size and the hardware material. Commonly used materials are melamine, solid timber, vinyl, and 2-pack paint. We ensure that whichever product you choose we make sure that it will look good with your kitchen. Our team of designers will design a completely new kitchen for you. 


Cost of Labor 

Besides the products, the cost of labor is something we need to look for. The labor time depends on the type of renovation selected. The labor charge for the installation of the products and remodeling could range from $3000 to $15000. 


Kitchen renovation cost in Brisbane


The prices of a kitchen renovation are different all over the world. To know more about the kitchen cost in Brisbane we need to get more details from your side. We evaluate all your needs and create a quote that is fully tailored for each client. 


At JJ kitchen and Bathroom renovations we understand that every person has different needs, this is the reason we created customizable pricing which would be based on the needs and budget of the client. Building a new kitchen could be difficult as you may not know what exactly you need. 


We have a list of kitchen ideas that can be used for your home or could use a completely new design for your home. Our main motto is to provide a better home experience. 


Check out our portfolio to get an idea of our previous works. You can also contact us via this form or if you want to visit us in person we are located at 27 Anthony Street, Brisbane. So, what are you waiting for, get in touch with us and transform your kitchen today. 


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