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bathroom renovation hacks

Top 8 Bathroom Renovation Hacks: Easy, Affordable Ways To Transform Your Bathroom

bathroom renovation hacks

Top 8 Bathroom Renovation Hacks: Easy, Affordable Ways To Transform Your Bathroom


Bathroom renovation hacks that may be used as a baseline to develop your bathroom needs. Cleaning the place up: Even if you’re willing and able, or at least want it cleaned out for use later, don’t forget to get down to brass tacks – trimming away all of those things without cleaning them can cause serious damage to what remains. For instance… Bathroom wallpaper? Wipe off excess oil! Lighter fluid spills into sinks easily with soap & water in their sinkware – so avoid this dirty stuff before getting anywhere near hardwood furniture like linens or chairs.

1 Clear out your bathroom

Figure out where everything is and what you want to keep in your bathroom. Then, take a good look at the contents of your bathroom. You’ll want to weed out anything you don’t want, along with any household things that don’t fit. Finally, you’ll want to remember what’s inside your shower cabinet, vanity, and drawers, plus any old rags and cleaners that should go.

Pro tip: When cleaning, take everything out of a shower cabinet first. Then, while everything is out of the cabinet, completely wipe everything out, including the cabinet and wall (this will remove most of the visible soap scum build up that was baked in while it was in there), let it air-dry. Next, wipe down the walls, the toilet, and all other surfaces with a damp rag or a clean, dry washcloth.

2 Clear out the clutter

You have a lot of furniture in your bathroom, including furniture you should probably get rid of. Clutter also increases the chance for mold and mildew to grow. Not only does this make a bathroom seem dirty, but it also makes taking care of it more difficult. Get a friend or family member to help with all that heavy lifting and clutter removal.

Clean the bathroom floor & top of the shower head. Most surfaces in the bathroom need to be cleaned, and anything below the edges of a shower head, which can accumulate grease and make the shower feel dirty.

3 Clean it up, clean it up (Easy to use bathroom renovation hacks)

Just like real estate, investing in and maintaining a brand new, clean, spacious, luxurious bathroom is hard work that will eventually pay off – so only do it right once!

If you have any great bathroom renovation tips and hacks that may be helpful to fellow bathroom enthusiasts, feel free to post them as comments below. For more great bathroom tips and tricks, click here.

Thinking about switching up your bathroom look? Want to refresh your bathroom décor? Here’s a few ideas:

Here’s a few ideas on improving your bathroom space in less than 15 minutes – with just a few easy, practical hacks to improve any bathroom area, no matter what size, shape, style or layout. Are you enjoying these bathroom renovation hacks already?

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Bathroom Renovation Services

4 Pick new paint (or wallpaper)

White is the most popular color choice, but a pop of color can add a punch of vitality to an otherwise monochromatic space.

Create an accent wall:

Decorative accents aren’t limited to your ceiling, although this is a good start. If you’re not a fan of painting on a ladder, consider hanging simple knick-knack embellishments up on a wall.

Get a new vanity:

Every bathroom gets a new vanity – it gives you a real, logical and handy place to put shampoo, lotions, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc. To help you customize your vanity look and feel, check out our home’s and our bathroom’s columns for ideas.

Soak tub:

An easy, no-hassle and budget friendly way to upgrade your bath is to get rid of the old faucet and replace it with a new one.

5 Get rid of unpleasant smells

Take a look at the food you have in the fridge, the bathroom, or your car and take note of how it smells. How does it smell after you’ve been in it? It is a better idea to either wash or store food in sealed containers, or an airtight cabinet (this will eliminate odors) than keep it in the kitchen. Similarly, in the bathroom, it might be tempting to leave dirty makeup in your makeup bag or a lipstick tube, but consider how much time you spend cleaning it and get a good deal of space for your cosmetics in a (clean) bag of some sort. Likewise, find a way to easily remove unpleasant smells or substances that tend to build up in your bathroom by simply hiding them. This bathroom renovation hacks is widely practiced.

6 Replace fixtures

The beauty of tiles is that they can be easily changed to suit current tastes and styles. Nothing says you have to have mirrors everywhere anymore, just like that funky yellow sink you just pulled down can be replaced with a sleek black one. Tiles come in different finishes too, so why bother having one that goes well with your dark wood cabinets? Take your next bathroom makeover further with some pretty tile, wood finishes, or a modern stone fixture.

Add accessories:

It’s always been said that a bathroom can give you the best bang for your buck. With a small space, this is particularly true.

7 Rethink the flooring

“Consider designing your bathroom around a spa-style environment with soft-close drawers and soft-close, roll-away vanities. It’s not too late to use your existing cabinetry, and you can reuse some of the hardware for your vanity, storage and shelving. You could also incorporate, although this can be expensive, a large full-size basin sink with a counter top to act as a divider between the two vanities. While selecting the new vanity, look for one that provides at least an inch of clearance from the edge of the counter to ensure it will fit the width of the vanity and will allow for a full-size towel rack.

Skip the drip tray:

“Avoid drip trays and try an e-cutoff faucet”.

Now than, the final bathroom renovation hacks. Please leave a comment down below to tell us which bathroom renovation hacks you found to be useful.

8 Hide away unsightly areas (A top notch bathroom renovation hacks)

Can’t find the necessary bathroom storage space for your stuff? Thanks to trendy ‘bathroom islands’, such fixtures may very well take on a whole new life, having a unique appeal. Why not have the hidden storage and the extra counter space all in one singular space?

Ensure a fresh, beautiful atmosphere

The bathroom is certainly one of the most important, important rooms of the house. It is a vanity for the daily activities of daily life. So, when deciding on a design, consider it all – where is it used and how is it used?

It can be a space of modesty and solitude or a focal point in the daily lives of its inhabitants. Homeowners in modern times seek out bathrooms that serve their functions and furnishings with functional, inspiring, and functional pieces.

Hope you enjoyed our list of Top 8 bathroom renovation hacks.



Having said all of the bathroom renovation hacks, you must be wondering on ways to remodel or renovate your bathroom. You can explore our gallery to see how we do it or request a free quote.

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